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BackStory’s hosts have been at work, doing what they do best – using history to put the recent events into context. Here’s a running list of what Ed, Brian, Nathan and Joanne have said and written in the last few days. There are also a few links where past episodes have been used in recent stories.

We’ll keep adding to the list when more media becomes available. And stay tuned – the hosts will talk about the violence in Charlottesville on this week’s show.

The Statue at the Center of Charlottesville’s Storm – New York Times, Aug. 13

White supremacists didn’t just arrive in Charlottesville. They’ve always been there. – Brian Balogh, Washington Post, Aug. 14

Shock And Outrage At University Of Virginia After White Nationalist Rally – Brian Balogh, Here & Now, Aug. 14

Terror in Charlottesville – Nathan Connolly, WYPR, Aug. 14

The shifting history of Confederate monuments – Ed Ayers, PBS NewsHour, Aug. 14

Charlottesville showed that liberalism can’t defeat white supremacy. Only direct action can. – Nathan Connolly, Washington Post, Aug. 15

The Daily (podcast) – (includes audio from a lecture given by Ed Ayers in 2012) New York Times, Aug. 15

‘Sadly, This Is Not New:’ UVa Professor Reflects on History of Racism in America – Brian Balogh, EdSurge, Aug. 15

Moral leadership in the wake of Charlottesville – Brian Balogh, Christian Science Monitor, Aug. 15

Battle Over Confederate Monuments Renewed After Charlottesville Violence – Ed Ayers, NBC Nightly News, Aug. 15

The History of White Supremacist Groups in the U.S. – Ed Ayers & Nathan Connolly, Here & Now, Aug. 16

Charlottesville violence fallout – Brian Balogh, WION Gravitas, Aug. 16

Why hate came to the progressive island of Charlottesville – Ed Ayers, Washington Post, Aug. 17

Dismantling Dixie: The Summer The Confederate Monuments Came Crashing Down – Ed Ayers, The Ringer, Aug. 17

The US is being torn apart and Donald Trump is feeding the frenzy – Brian Balogh, Financial Review, Aug. 18

16 Must-Read Books About White Supremacy In The US – Nathan Connolly, BuzzFeed, Aug. 19

A Campus Healing – Brian Balogh, CNN, Aug. 22

For related segments from past episodes of BackStory, see History Behind The Headlines 8.12.

About History Behind The Headlines: When breaking news and history collide, BackStory brings the context. This new blog feature takes trending news items and, whenever possible, offers BackStory host commentary or segments from previous episodes that provide a historical viewpoint.

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