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9/11 Tribute museum offers hopeful take on tragic events

A somber crowd gathered outside the 9/11 Tribute Museum in downtown Manhattan, one block away from the site of the September 11, 2001 attacks, to reflect on a surprising subject: hope. The gathering took place this past June in honor of the official opening of the 9/11 Tribute Museum, a project of the September 11th […]

BookStory’s September Selection

This year, Yale University named a new undergraduate residential college for Pauli Murray. Who is Murray, you might ask? To answer the question, September’s BookStory selection is a new biography of Murray by Rosalind Rosenberg, “Jane Crow: The Life of Pauli Murray.” Rosenberg, a professor of history emerita at Barnard College, Columbia University, sheds light […]

History Behind The Headlines

BackStory’s hosts have been at work, doing what they do best – using history to put the recent events into context. Here’s a running list of what Ed, Brian, Nathan and Joanne have said and written in the last few days. There are also a few links where past episodes have been used in recent […]

History Behind The Headlines

The “Unite the Right” rally, scheduled to kick off at noon in Charlottesville, Va. today, was canceled after violence broke out at approximately 11:35 a.m. (EDT). Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has declared a state of emergency. To help you place the events into context, BackStory offers the following segments: A FOE WITHOUT HATE is a segment […]

BookStory’s May Selection

Most of us are familiar with the story surrounding Pocahontas’s journey from colonial Virginia to metropolitan London. But Pocahontas was just one of hundreds of Indigenous people who travelled-voluntarily or coercively-to London from the 16th century to today. Historian Coll Thrush traces these stories in his new book, “Indigenous London: Native Travelers at the Heart of Empire,” […]

How To Be An Advocacy Journalist

The news is often the first line of defense when issues affecting local communities – like the recent numerous threats against Jewish community centers and synagogues – crop up. In BackStory’s recent episode “Behind the Bylines” we learned how journalists Ida B. Wells and Ruben Salazar more effectively covered their communities, and even changed journalistic […]

In With The New

Yorktown’s new museum goes beyond storing historical artifacts. Instead, it aims to tell the story of the American Revolution in an interactive way that engages learners of all ages. The American Revolution Museum at Yorktown holds its grand opening March 23 – April 4, but visitors are already delighting in the new building that replaces […]

Black History Month

“Well this is Black History Month, so this is our little breakfast, our little get together,” said President Donald Trump while surrounded by African American supporters. Trump then made a curious reference to the nineteenth-century abolitionist and ex-slave, Frederick Douglass. “Douglass is an example of somebody who’s done an amazing job,” he said, “and is […]

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